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Polystyrene Sheets Foam (EPS)

Polystyrene Sheets Foam (EPS)


EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a closed cell, lightweight rigid cellular plastic material produced in a range of densities between 13 kg/m3 and 38 kg/m3. Some of the more popular densities are available for purchase on this page. Contact us directly for other grades, and for your specialty requirements.
Polystyrene sheets are renowned for their excellent thermal and noise insulating  properties, high strength to weight ratios, and shock absorbing characteristics. They are inert and stable over decades, and provide no nutritive value either to plants or animals. Polystyrene blocks and sheets are light weight, though strong in compression, and are safe for manual handling and in home use. Being light in weight, and with low embedded energy they have low environmental impact.

Applications for EPS sheets include thermal insulation systems for all areas of building construction, (walls, roof and sub-floor) providing thermal resistance of R1+ for each 40mm of thickness. Together with their light weight, practicality,  efficiency, and economy EPS polystyrene sheets are a versatile, value-for-money product.
Because of its ease of cutting into myriad shapes and profiles EPS Polystyrene sheet and block is economical and effective for landscaping and planter box fillers, concrete formwork, voids and block outs, pipe insulation, protective packaging, pontoons, floatation and buoyancy applications, and stage sets and product displays and signs. EPS Polystyrene is also widely used in the manufacture of boxes and eskis which are produced in box moulding machines.


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