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LDPE Mining Sample Bag

  • We have a wide selection of LDPE mining bags to store soil or exploration mineral samples.
  • Available in transparent green and clear, with or without labeling for easier sample identification.
  • Heavy duty, UV Stabilised, Wear and Tear resistant to withstand tough conditions of mining sites.
  • We have other range of mining bag such as calico exploration bags.
  • LDPE mining bags is available in various sizes and thickness:
    Mining Bags 250x380mm125um UV 
    Mining Bags 300x450mm125um UV 
    Mining Bags 400x600mm125um UV
    Mining Bags 450x750mm125um UV
    Mining Bags 500x600mm125um UV
    Mining Bags 400x600mm150um UV
    Mining Bags 480x600mm150um UV 
    Mining Bags 450x750mm150um UV
    Mining Bags 600x900mm150um UV
  • Contact us to arrange free sample and to discuss your requirement.