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Graffiti Remover

GraffiGuard® 2030 Ecological – Eco Safe Graffiti Remover

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GraffiGuard® 2030 Ecological is the latest technology in graffiti & tag removal.  This graffiti remover is safe for the user, the environment and the ozone layer. It does not contain any chloride solvents, fluoride, oil NMPs or NEPs etc.

GraffiGuard® 2030 Ecological is designed to be used out of doors for removal of all spray paints and inks. It can be used on porous supports (brick, clinker brick, plaster, natural stone, concrete, rendering, wood, etc.).

GraffiGuard® 2030 Ecological is the first line treatment for any graffiti done in ink or paint.  It has a high level of viscosity. So it holds up well on vertical surfaces. This is important for removal applications where a long dwell time is required, such as unsealed, highly porous stone.In areas frequently affected by Graffiti it pays to be proactive and apply an anti graffiti coating.