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Electric Brake Controller Towing

The electric brake controller revolutionising the way you tow in Australia and New Zealand. Simple to set up in minutes, this electric brake controller can be mounted on any trailer and towed by any vehicle. 10-minute easy installation eliminates the need to modify your tow vehicle by an auto electrician.


o   Made in Australia: Australian designed, owned and manufactured.
o   Easy 10 Minute ‘Plug & Play” Install: Simply attach the Elecbrakes Brake Controller to the draw bar of the Caravan, use one ofur Plug & Play Adapters and you’re up and running with brakes.
o   5 Adjustable Braking Programs: Setup and accessed via the mobile phone app or the in-car remote, you can save a settings configuration for 5 different load variations or driving conditions.
o   Unbeatable Performance: Thanks to advanced Australian engineering you get the smoothest proportional braking experience on the market.
o   Caravan / Trailer Centric Product: Means no messing with customers’ tow vehicle.
o   Warranty: 2 year warranty on our Brake Controller and Adapters, 1 year on remotes.

10 Minutes simple plug and install video below:


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