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Wireline Core Barrel

Wireline Core Barrel Triple Tube Core Barrel With Split Tube NQ3 HQ3 PQ3

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NQ3 HQ3 PQ3 triple core barrels are generally used for geotechnical purpose, designed to maximize core recovery in soft formations,
And this series core barrel has advantages of good drilling property, high salvage efficiency and low consumption.
It consists of outer tube assembly and inner tube assembly. Export-standard plywood box is utilized to pack this H-Q series core barrel.

The core barrel assembly is composed of the inner-tube group and outer-tube group.
The inner-tube group collects the core sample during the drilling process and is independent of the outer-tube group.

The inner-tube group is composed of:
Head Assembly
Inner Tube
Core Lifter Case
Core Lifter
Stop Ring

The outer-tube group always remains at the bottom of the hole and houses the inner-tube group during the drilling process.

The outer-tube group is composed of the remainder of the core barrel components:

  •  Locking Coupling
  •  Adapter Coupling
  •  Outer Tube
Triple Tube Core-barrels/ Double Tube Core-barrels with Split Tube

Double Tube Core-barrels with Split Tube, this type core-barrels consist of the same group as above mentioned but utilize a third tube called an inner-tube liner or split tube that is placed inside the inner tube.