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Calico Mining Sample Bag -Bio & Compostable Edition

  • Our Bio exploration calico mining sample bags is made from organic material.
  • Manufactured by the fermentation of cornstarch, a natural substance.
  • 100% bio-compostable, fully disintegrate into nature.
  • Calico mining sample bags available in size 8”x12”,10”x12”,10”x14”,12”x15”,12”x18”,14”x24″,18”x30”,22”x30” and 24”x26.
  • We have different types of calico range.
  • Contact us to arrange free sample.
  • Our Calico exploration Sample Bags can be made plain or with custom labeling for easier sample identification.
  • QR & Bar coded, drawstring, sequential numbering system up to 18 digits
  • Made from strong durable material & double stitched for ultra heavy duty usage.
  • "No tear" & "No leak" guarantee.
  • Our Calico Sample Bags is available in various sizes & measurement.
  • Available in blended of cotton and polyester fabric
  • Drawstring or without drawstring
  • Contact us to arrange free sample & enquiry more.