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Cable Reel

SWAMP Metal Empty Cable Reel Drum
with 4x D-Size Panel Mount Connector Holes


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  • Versatile Drum Wheel
    This sturdily built empty cable wheel, with a metal stand and handle, has the capability of holding cable stocks of variable outer diameter, with varying amounts of length. With its smooth bearings it is easy to use in all situations. There is both the large wheel as well as the inside drum (located on the outer of the big wheel). The main inner drum has a diameter of 380mm, and the inside drum is 175mm in diameter. The pitch width (width of the main drum) is 147mm. Regarding its load, the following metres are achieved depending on the outer diameter of the cable:

    • 6mm diameter cable: 270m
    • 8mm cable: 150m
    • 10mm cable: 100m
    • 12mm cable: 68m
    • 16mm cable: 38m
    • 18mm cable: 30m
    • 20mm cable: 24m

    There are 4 spots for mounting panel connectors, allowing you to use this cable reel for many different types of cables and jobs.


    • Metal cable wheel with metal stand and handle
    • Rubber coated handle for a comfortable grip
    • 4 panel mount slots for customisation
    • Ideal for audio mic cables, as well as speaker, AV, data and mains cables
    • Total Size: 380mm x 498mm x 320mm