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Bio Straw

We offer 3 different types of biodegradable straw material:

(1) PLA drinking straws
PLA (Polylactic acid) is the best polymer group meeting the new ecological trends and is biodegradable raw materials taking from renewable sources
PLA is the most popular and the cheapest bio raw material on the market. It is made from natural products like corn and sugar beet. Our PLA drinking straws are certified of industrial composting according to ISO 13432. PLA requires certain condition for them to be able to be really “biodegradable”

(2) PHA drinking straws
For our more demanding customers, we offer PHA compostable drinking straws. PHA are produced as monomers by bacteria in the fermentation of sugars or lipids. We highly recommend PHA for their ability to break down anywhere.

(3) PBS drinking straws
PBS (Polybutylene succinate) is a bio-derivative and biodegradable / compostable material both in industrial installations and in home composters.
PBS is obtained from natural raw materials such as corn and sugarcane. The raw material from the PBS group we use is biodegradable both in sea water and soil.

Available in colour black, green, red, white or according to your needs.