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Bitumen Asphalt Remover

  • Derived primarily from natural edible plant oils therefore are free of VOC and the customary traditional solvents.
  • Performance exceeds the effectiveness of hydrocarbon based bitumen and asphalt removers.
  • The main difference being that BARC solvents are derived from edible plant oils and are regarded by many of its users as the best in its class.
  • Non Toxic, Hydrocarbon Free. Non Caustic, Non Flammable, Bio-degradable, environmentally friendly, Non carcinogenic Microbial action effectively reduces the waste to a Non polluting product.
  • Costs less than kerosene or diesel when used as directed.
  • Environmentally responsible, Non hazardous. Non Flammable.
  • Formulated specifically to remove Bitumen and Asphalt.