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Ad Blue Power

Sizes available: 10L,20L,200L,1000L

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AdBlue is a high quality urea solution that is easy to use.
Treblex AdBlue Power is a high quality Urea Solution 32.5% that is used with the Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of
Adiesel vehicles.
is a solution of highpurity urea in demineralised water that is clear, nontoxic and safe to handle.
It is not explosive,
non flammable nor harmful to the environment. AdBlue is classified under the minimum risk category of transportable fluids.
It is not a fuel, nor a fuel
additive and needs to be used in a dedicated tank in your heavyduty vehicle.
It is replenished in a
similar way to refuelling diesel.