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Tiger Tek Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the provision of comprehensive procurement supply to mining, exploration, civil, engineering, laboratory, hospitality and manufacturing sectors throughout the world. The company began operation and registered in the State of Western Australia in 2002 and have a very strong track record in achieving outstanding results. As a supplier with over 20 years’ experience in the procurement sector, we understand every business is different and provide a tailor custom solution to each of our clients. Our key focus is to provide a prompt and seamless service, meaning clients can  focus on their core project and leave the worrying about trivial supply issues to us.
Our credibility as a trusted supplier is strengthened time and time again as we continue servicing companies from different industry sectors.
Our current clients include companies from ASX 10 listed entities to various Government’s department.
From our modern office and warehouse in Canning Vale-Western Australia, we service clients nationally and across the globe. We have a strong reputation for customer satisfaction based on understanding our customers’ requirements, providing the most effective, safe, and environmentally responsible products on the market today and sound business practices that insure prompt deliveries, quality controls and contract compliance.

Core Competencies

Cost effective procurement solution

Strong network with over 5500+ manufacturers/suppliers globally

More than 20 plus years in business

Customer-centric focus company

Authorised distributor of various leading brands

Current clients include ASX top 10 listed companies & various government department

Our People

Our professional team will get the job done

Tiger Tek Pty Ltd has more than 50 years combined experience related to the procurement solution to various industry sectors, having worked a variety of procurement and supporting roles in all environments. With experience in Logistic, Supply and Procurement, our team has a unique ability to see the big picture and believes in targeted supply that considers the clients’ specific operating challenges and overall needs.

We work alongside some of the world’s largest and most successful businesses to help them with their supply chain solution in the most efficient way. We do this through an extensive suite of procurement services focused on cost transformation, supply chain sustainability and supply risk management.

Materials management

Materials and equipment supply or fabrication are the lifeblood of capital projects, representing more than 50% of total installed cost. Our integrated approach, working closely with our team removes isolated work practices and provides efficient, reliable management of material and its information throughout the project life cycle.


The value of equipment and materials is enhanced when purchase orders are placed with the right vendors. We work closely with you and project teams, confirming that they enter into agreements that effectively manage cost, schedule, and risk in an ethical and responsible manner.


Delivery delays can drive up project costs and diminish the quality of materials. The right safeguards and controls are needed to support the delivery of all equipment, drawings, and documents—identifying and mitigating delays that threaten the project schedule.


A well-designed logistics supply chain is fundamental to the successful execution of any project. We provide logistic solutions, and have experience delivering supplies to projects in some of the most remote and difficult project locations.

Procurement management

Our integrated, robust process methodology is customized to match your specific procurement requirements. We explore new technological solutions and innovations to help save you money with strategies that go from conceptual studies right through to handover.

Supplier management

We put a solid, manageable contract in place with supplier to support O.E.M manufacturing and then administer thoroughly and in accordance with the schedule. Active, positive, and firm administration preferences help lead to robust and organised performance from the chosen supplier on your project.

Global sourcing

Asset owners are under relentless pressure. So we help drive the best value for money with suppliers and products from emerging economies. We develop, maintain, and provide sourcing expertise for projects including suppliers, sourcing categories, sourcing countries, project locations, and project types.

Vendor quality surveillance

Sourcing materials has its challenges. Unlike traditional inspection and test organizations that only police compliance, we work closely with engineering and procurement teams, and cooperatively with vendors. It’s assured that manufactured equipment respects standards and conforms to specifications.